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Where to Live Between Selling And Buying in London 2024

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Finding temporary accommodation in London when you are between homes can be an incredible headache. With minimum leasing terms for most houses and flats at least six months (and more often, twelve) and the inconvenience and sheer expense of a hotel for a long-term stay making them a very poor alternative, it can be very difficult to find the right type of accommodation. The question of where to live between houses becomes yet another extreme difficulty in the already stressful time of moving house.

Thankfully, serviced apartments provide a fantastic option for relocation temporary housing. But what does a serviced apartment offer, and why do they make such an excellent option as stopgap accommodation?

Just Looking for Some Quick Info? Here are the Key Points

  • Serviced apartments provide a fantastic option for temporary accommodation when you are between selling and buying in London.
  • Rentals can be difficult to obtain, require long term contracts, and provide nothing in terms of service and amenities.
  • Hotels are extremely expensive for long-term stays, provide little space and are low on facilities such as a kitchen.
  • Serviced apartments offer space, comfort, flexibility, a range of services and are cost-effective.

What is Temporary Housing? What Makes Serviced Apartments Good?

Temporary housing is accommodation that isn’t meant to be your home for years, but is just there for a short, defined period in your life. 

Professionals use the term “relocation temporary housing” for the place you live in when you are between permanent homes, such as when you are between selling and buying, or somewhere you live while building a house.

Serviced apartments provide an excellent option for relocation temporary housing because they have all the advantages of a hotel room – such as security, housekeeping, and facilities – as well as having the space you need to actually live in, especially if you are a family.

Looking for a serviced apartment for your relocation temporary housing?

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Here are some of the benefits of serviced apartments as temporary housing.

1 - Space, Comfort and Convenience

Most short term living options struggle to offer both space and comfort. A hotel, for example, can provide a fantastically comfortable environment, with a ready made bed for you to drop into, and maid service to keep the bathroom clean. 

Unfortunately, if you are living in a hotel room for more than a few days, the cramped living quarters quickly become oppressive and the lack of separate rooms can be especially bad for families, with everyone needing their own personal space.

Serviced apartments have multiple bedrooms, a dedicated living space, and a fully fitted kitchen – perfect for families and just being able to feel at home.

2 - Flexibility

Try to rent a house for three months and you’ll be rejected by almost every rental and estate agent in London. 

With all the paperwork involved in a mid- to long-term home rental, landlords aren’t willing to look at the difficulties of letting their property for anything less than six months. 

When you are looking at somewhere to live between selling and buying your new home, signing up for a long-term rental can cause all sorts of headaches.

Serviced apartments are completely flexible when it comes to the length of your stay. You can book from a few days to many months with no problem whatsoever – whatever you need.

3 - Cost-Effective

Hotels are very expensive when staying for more than a couple of days. Even a week at a hotel is a poor financial option when compared to a serviced apartment of the same quality. 

Full rentals may well look cheaper on paper, but having to sign up for long contracts, provide deposits, and many other fees on the way means that it is rare for a house or flat rental in London to be as cost-effective as it seems.

When booking a serviced apartment for a mid-to-long term stay, prices are incredibly reasonable. Plus, with its fully fitted kitchen and included utilities, a serviced apartment means less need to eat out and no additional bills – saving a little more every day.

4 - Services and Facilities

Serviced apartments are fully furnished and equipped. There’s no need to unpack any of your stored belongings to settle in, from linen to the TV – it’s all there for you, working and ready from the moment you step inside. 

Add to that the housekeeping services, laundry, the convenience of a concierge desk, and full security, and all the headaches that come from just living life in temporary accommodation fall away.

Yet serviced apartments respect your privacy and independence. It’s a home away from home, so no need to worry about other guests, signing in and out at reception, or other invasive issues.

Select a luxury serviced apartment like those provided by Sanctum in London, and your stay is further enhanced with all the facilities of a five-star hotel. Gym and spa facilities exist either on-site or locally, and restaurants are available for evening dining, take away, and delivery. It’s the best of every world.

5 - Location

One of the other problems when looking where to live between houses, is location. If you have a family, then there will be a need to find a location where you and your partner can both get to work and the kids can get to school. 

Serviced apartments are always conveniently located to cut right back on commuting time – not like renting a house miles away for a few months.

Making the Transition Smoother

Of all the temporary housing types, only serviced apartments are truly designed to put you – the guest – first. Moving house is considered one of the most stressful experiences anyone has to go through, and it’s no surprise considering the size of the upheaval and all the work that goes alongside. 

Choosing a serviced apartment for your relocation temporary housing means that the transition from one home to another is simply smoother. With many of the smaller worries taken from you, you can concentrate on continuing to live your life, awaiting the happy day when you get the keys to your new property.

Contact Sanctum today to discuss your need for a short term living option in London, and we’ll work with you to find the perfect serviced apartment for your needs. Or, if you are confident to go forward, why not just book today? With preferential rates available for early bookings, it makes sense to get everything in place with time to spare.

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