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What is a Serviced Apartment/Aparthotel?

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When looking for accommodation for a trip away, your first thought may well be to book a hotel. Nowadays, though, that isn’t the only option for a stay away from home. Many people, be it for leisure, business or something else, opt to stay in a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments are similar to hotels, but offer a far more homely experience. In serviced apartments you’ll have access to many facilities, in a far more spacious and comfortable setting than the average hotel room, including a fully equipped kitchen, living area, bathroom, and more

Here, we break down precisely what a serviced apartment is and why it might just be perfect for you.

Considering A Serviced Apartment?

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What Exactly is a Serviced Apartment / Aparthotel?

Serviced apartments can be thought of as more premium, luxury apartments that have hotel-level service. Their key features are as follows:

  • Most serviced apartments will be equipped with a kitchen, bedroom, lounge and bathroom, as well as other convenient facilities. What’s more, they’ll feature Wi-Fi, televisions, gym access, housekeeping and concierge services, all as standard
  • They offer a more affordable way of staying in luxury accommodation, particularly when compared to hotels and if you have a longer stay in mind.

A serviced apartment offers you the freedom of your own space, unlike a hotel, but with all the luxuries and amenities that the latter typically confers. 

Why Choose a Serviced Apartment?

1. More Space

All suites in a serviced apartment come with a bedroom (or multiple, depending on the number of occupants), lounge, kitchen and bathroom; in a hotel, by comparison, this would only be available in certain high-end suites, and even then, most won’t have a kitchen area. This availability of space allows for all those who are staying in the apartment to have their own private bedrooms, as well as a communal space for all to enjoy.

2. Good Locations

Serviced apartments are typically in great locations and often have a good range of local amenities, such as convenience stores and restaurants nearby. Our own serviced apartments, for instance, are perfectly placed in Northwest London, with the benefit of being nearby to major tourist destinations such as London Zoo, shopping destinations such as Knightsbridge and Oxford Street, and medical facilities such as the Wellington Hospital.

3. Well-Equipped

There’s a reason that serviced apartments are popular amongst such a large variety of guests, and it’s because these roomy apartments offer plenty of useful tools to provide those home comforts we all miss whilst away. You can benefit from facilities such as speedy Wi-Fi, secure parking, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and TVs with satellite channels.

4. Value for Money

These days, there aren’t many hotels in which you can stay for the long-term, and if you find one, it will usually come with a hefty fee. Serviced apartments are more likely to save you money in comparison with pricier hotel rooms, especially in the case of longer stays where the rate generally decreases the longer you stay.This is partly because VAT is levied at 20% for only the first 28 days of a stay. With the added benefit of being able to cook your own meals, staying in an aparthotel/serviced apartment means you have greater control over your outgoings. ​

5. Flexibility

With a serviced apartment, guests have the freedom to come and go as they please with no restrictions. With the additional space in the room, it also means you have a flexible space to use for business meetings, socialising, family dinners, and more.

6. Staffed Support

Serviced apartments come with the benefit of support from staff. In the case of our apartments, you’ll have access to a 24-hour concierge service and a complimentary housekeeping team as well. There’s also access to a laundry service. What these details all mean is that you don’t need to worry about the cleaning of the apartment, any maintenance issues or clothes washing. ​

7. Privacy

Typically, you will find that a serviced apartment offers its guests a better level of privacy, again, creating a home away from home feeling. As there is less of chance of any shared facilities with guests, you are in complete control of your interactions with other people during your stay.

8. Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Having a kitchen within the apartment allows guests the convenience of being able to prepare food, of their own choice, when it best suits them. Fridges are much larger than those you’d find in a hotel room and, rest assured, they aren’t stocked with overpriced snacks!

9. Safe and Secure

Serviced apartments offer a greater level of security owing to their secure access. They are also equipped with CCTV for further peace of mind. As they are fully serviced, they are never unattended.

Considering A Serviced Apartment?

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When Might a Hotel Be a Better Option than Serviced Accommodation?

Hotel Amenities

Hotel amenities go slightly further than those offered in serviced apartments. For example, you will typically receive a catered breakfast, a mini bar, and room service, but you will pay a premium for those things. Hotels, in general, are a more expensive accommodation option especially in the case of long term stays, however, for shorter trips you can often find some good deals that make a hotel comparably affordable. 

No Self Catering and Large Rooms

Serviced apartments come with the benefit of a fully-equipped kitchen, which may not be necessary for some guests. The large amount of space on offer in serviced accommodation may also not be required if it is simply a base to rest your head after a long day of sight-seeing.

To Conclude

Serviced apartments are suitable for a whole host of people, whether it’s a business trip, holiday, hospital stay or even a temporary home during a relocation process, this accommodation can meet your needs.

Offering a cost-effective, luxury place to retreat to, you’ll benefit from all the flexibility and freedom of your own home. Whilst hotels have their own benefits, such as daily housekeeping and room service, it can also lack the level of privacy you require and there are often additional costs.

Now you know what serviced apartments (and aparthotels) are, then feel free to contact us at Sanctum London to book your stay! 

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