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The Safest Places to Stay in London For Tourists

Table of Contents

In a Rush? Here’s Our Top 3

  1. Little Venice offers a serene and secluded atmosphere with picturesque canals and charming narrowboats, providing a peaceful escape from city life.
  2. Ealing is a family-friendly suburb with leafy streets, excellent schools, and abundant recreational facilities, creating an ideal environment for families to thrive.
  3. Regent’s Park is a tranquil retreat within the city, featuring safe green spaces, lush grass, beautiful gardens, and peaceful lakes, perfect for finding relaxation amidst urban surroundings.

What is the safest type of accommodation to stay in London?

When it comes to choosing accommodation in London, safety should be a top priority for tourists. Different types of accommodation offer varying levels of security, and personal preferences also play a role. Here are some options to consider:

Hotels: Hotels are a popular choice for tourists due to their established safety measures. Reputable hotels often have security personnel, surveillance cameras, and secure access systems in place. They also offer the advantage of professional staff who can assist in case of emergencies or provide guidance on local safety concerns.

Serviced Apartments: Serviced apartments combine the convenience of a hotel with the comfort of a home. They generally offer a higher level of security compared to private rentals, as they often have reception desks, key card access, and on-site staff. They are also better for those looking for a longer stay.

Airbnb and Private Rentals: While Airbnb and private rentals can provide unique and cost-effective accommodation options, safety levels can vary. It’s crucial to research the property thoroughly, including reading reviews and assessing the neighbourhood’s safety. Look for listings that have positive reviews regarding safety and security and consider renting from experienced and highly rated hosts.

Hostels: Hostels are a popular choice for budget-conscious travellers, perhaps if you plan to stay for a month rather than a week, and those seeking a social atmosphere. While hostels generally implement security measures such as lockers and surveillance cameras, it’s advisable to research individual hostels and their safety protocols beforehand.

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Top 8 | Best Neighbourhoods to Stay in London

1. Regent's Park

Located in the heart of London, this picturesque part of the city is known for its stunning green spaces and neoclassical architecture. Close to popular tourist areas such as Oxford Street, Marylebone, and the British Museum, it also offers a peaceful, serene, and safe environment for those that live and visit there. 

Most commonly, the area is known for its park of the same name, which is one of the Royal Parks of London. Here, visitors can stroll along, taking in the sight of the beautiful gardens, and even spot some wildlife. If you are wondering where is the safest area to stay with kids, this spot is definitely up there!

Alongside the area’s natural beauty, Regent’s Park also boasts excellent security measures including the presence of park wardens and regular police patrols ensuring residents and tourists alike remain safe.

2. Maida Vale

Situated in West London, Maida Vale is an affluent and elegant neighbourhood that offers tranquillity and charm to its residents and visitors. 

This residential area is known for its tree-lined streets, stunning Victorian and Edwardian architecture, and serene canal walks, providing a more peaceful alternative to the hustle and bustle of other, more central London locations. 

The area is in a great location for those looking to travel further into the city centre and also benefits from local police initiatives to ensure safety. Indeed, safety is given such prevalence in this area that some streets club together to employ private security firms to protect their roads.

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3. Little Venice

Little Venice is a hidden gem nestled within Maida Vale, renowned for its picturesque canals and charming houseboats. This enchanting neighbourhood offers a unique and idyllic setting for tourists seeking a peaceful escape. With its narrow waterways, beautiful gardens, and delightful cafes, Little Venice feels like a tranquil oasis in the heart of London.

Despite its secluded atmosphere, Little Venice remains a safe destination for visitors. The area benefits from its proximity to Maida Vale, sharing the same security measures and police presence. 

Additionally, the sense of community among the residents creates a friendly and secure environment. Tourists can take leisurely walks along the canals, enjoy boat rides, or simply unwind in one of the many waterside cafes, all while feeling safe and at ease.

4. Ealing

Ealing is a peaceful and family-friendly suburb located in West London. With its leafy streets, picturesque parks, and excellent transport links, this is an area that provides a tranquil retreat from the city centre whilst still maintaining easy accessibility to London’s attractions. 

Safety is a top priority in Ealing, making it an ideal choice for tourists seeking a secure place to stay. With dedicated police teams, community outreach programs, and active neighbourhood watch schemes, all contributing to its reputation as a safe area to stay in London, Ealing offers a welcoming atmosphere with low crime rates, making it 11% safer than the worst part of London; Westminster.

5. Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge is a prestigious, high-end part of London that is renowned for luxury boutique shopping, designer department stores, and exquisite residential properties. It is also in close proximity to popular tourist destinations such as the V&A museum and Hyde Park. 

This blend of opulence across both commercial and residential parts of the area sees a high level of security on offer through private security firms and the Metropolitan Police. The area also benefits from extensive CCTV, allowing visitors to safely roam knowing that there is constant surveillance to prevent crime. 

Tourists staying in Knightsbridge can enjoy the sophisticated ambiance and explore attractions such as Harrods and Hyde Park with peace of mind. The area’s well-lit streets, constant presence of security personnel, and affluent surroundings create a secure environment for visitors to indulge in the finest experiences that London has to offer.

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6. Greenwich

Greenwich is a historic part of the city that is situated on the banks of the River Thames. Renowned for its rich maritime history and iconic landmarks, including the Royal Observatory and the Cutty Sark, Greenwich offers a safe and welcoming environment for tourists, with well-maintained streets and a strong police presence. 

The area is also home to the o2 arena which benefits from a discount shopping outlet and plenty of popular restaurants. With picturesque streets, and of course, an abundance of green space at the famous Greenwich Park, this pocket of London is an excellent choice for those wanting somewhere safe to stay in the capital.

7. Harrow

Those happy to stay a little further out from the city centre may want to consider staying in Harrow. This peaceful borough in northwest London is the second safest area to stay in London,  and benefits from leafy residential areas, dedicated police patrols, and comprehensive CCTV. 

It is also home to the charming Harrow-on-the-Hill village and convenient transport connections that mean it is only around a 20 minute journey into central London on certain lines. Thanks to its less central location, this suburb also benefits from plenty of green spaces for visitors to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to Walk at Night in London?

Of course, safety is a main concern for tourists, particularly if it is an unfamiliar area. It is important to note, that on the whole, London is an incredibly safe city, however, we would recommend exercising caution in certain areas as well as at night time where crime rates tend to be a little higher. 

Stick to well-lit streets, avoid isolated areas, and use common sense precautions to ensure a safe experience.

Where Not to Stay in London as a Tourist?

Generally speaking, most areas of London are safe and suitable to stay in but, for peace of mind, we would recommend avoiding areas such as Canning Town, Tower Hamlets, and Hackney where crime rates are notably higher. 

More central areas of London have much higher crime rates so opting for an area a little out of the centre, such as Maida Vale or Greenwich, will ensure you have a safe base to return to after a long evening.


On the whole, London offers an entirely safe visit to those travelling to the city but there are, of course, better areas of the city to choose from as well as better accommodation types, such as serviced apartments and hotels. From the tranquil green spaces of Regent’s Park to the opulent surroundings of Knightsbridge, there are little pockets right across the city that offer higher levels of security, ensuring you have a memorable stay for all the right reasons!

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