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Top 10 Luxury Hotels and Apartments in North West London

Table of Contents

Our Top 3 Picks

Best for a Modern Setting

Sanctum Regents Park

Sanctum Regents Park

Best for Transport Links

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

Best for Classic Luxury

The Level

The Level at Melia White House

How to Choose the Best Luxury Hotel or Apartment

Location is Key

Always consider the proximity to tube stations, major attractions, and dining options. It’s beneficial to be in the heart of it all.

Read Reviews

Prior guests’ experiences can provide invaluable insights. Platforms like TripAdvisor and Google Reviews can be handy.

Amenities Matter

For a luxury experience, it’s not just about the room. Look for hotels or apartments offering top-notch amenities – think spas, gyms, gourmet restaurants, and more.

Personal Requirements

Do you need free parking? Or perhaps a children’s pool is crucial for your family. Tailor your search to your unique needs.

Budget Wisely

While seeking luxury, it’s still essential to find places that offer value for money. Compare prices but also consider the value-added services.

Best Hotels in North West London

1. Sanctum Maida Vale

Located in the quiet area of Maida Vale, Sanctum Maida Vale offers a peaceful spot away from the madness of busy London life. These modern serviced apartments come complete with fully equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms and a spacious living area making them ideal for families or groups of friends. 

The close proximity to Little Venice makes it a great place to walk around, with plenty of great food and drink spots littered along the way. Around the hotel, you can find great places to eat and have fun. The hotel combines luxury with the local feel of North West London. Staying here will give you both comfort and a real taste of the area.


Best for: Families and groups

Average price: £291 per night

2. Pullman Hotel St Pancras

The Pullman Hotel at St Pancras is a tall, modern building, close to the famous King’s Cross and St Pancras train stations. The hotel has stylish rooms, with comfortable beds and contemporary bathrooms, as well as access to a fantastic restaurant. If you are lucky enough to be given a top floor room, you’ll be greeted with amazing views across the city but whichever room you stay in, it will be a wonderfully luxurious stay.


Best for: Business travellers

Average price: £261 per night

3. The Pillar Hotel

The Pillar Hotel is set in an old, beautifully fixed-up building. The outside looks historic, but inside, you’ll find all the comforts of a modern hotel. Not only is there a wonderful outside space that many more central hotels lack, it is closely located to Brent Cross shopping centre making it ideal for the shopaholics amongst us. This classic style hotel is a perfect mix of the past and present.


Best for: History enthusiasts and romantic getaways

Average price: £250 per night

4. Sanctum Belsize Road

Sanctum Belsize Road feels like a luxury home in the city. These serviced apartments are ideal for both shorter trips and longer stays, with all that you need for a comfortable visit in one, large space. Conveniently located so that it is easy to get to more central locations, the apartments are modern, comfortable, and come with hotel luxuries such as housekeeping and a 24 hour concierge. Here, you’ll get the perfect blend of feeling at home while also being pampered.


Best for: Long stays and privacy seekers

Average price: £188 per night.

5. Dorset Square Hotel

A beautifully designed townhouse that overlooks a private garden square, the Dorset Square hotel is steeped in history and offers a cosy, but luxurious setting. 

With a modern English style, each of the 38 bedrooms have been individually designed which adds to the bespoke feel of your stay. The hotel is situated close to Marylebone which makes it great for those who love to hit the shops.  


Best for: A couples break or shopping weekend

Average price: £215

6. The Level at Melia White House

The Level at Melia White House is in an old, grand building near Regent’s Park. Each room is set up to give guests a special experience. You’ll have modern comforts in a setting that feels super sophisticated and elegant. The hotel is in a great location close to Regents Park, Lord’s Cricket Ground, and shopping districts such as Oxford Street and Regent Street. 


Best for: Couples wanting an impressive getaway

Average price: £398 per night

7. The Hide London

Located a little further out from Central London, The Hide London offers elegance and luxury at an affordable price point. This super stylish hotel has many amenities including air con, Wi-Fi, and a complimentary mini bar which further adds to the premium feel of this accommodation. With a contemporary design and attentive staff, you will feel like a VIP when you stay here!


Best for: Value for money luxury

Average price: £146


Best for: Value for money luxury

Average price: £146

8. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel is a beautiful, old building with detailed designs. Right next to St Pancras train station, it’s perfect for those needing a base before a long journey. The hotel combines the charm of old London with today’s luxuries with its grand interiors and historic feel. It’s not just a place to sleep; it’s a special experience.


Best for: Those seeking the classic London experience.

Average price: £358 per night

9. London Marriott Maida Vale

Discover leafy Maida Vale from the comfort of this premium Marriott hotel. Close to Wembley Stadium and well connected with local transport, it is ideally located for multiple purposes making it easy for you to get across the city.

Recently refurbished, you will find generous-sized, modern rooms with large walk-in showers, Wi-Fi, and hotel parking which is a rarity in London! There is an on-site Italian restaurant too making the perfect space to sit back and relax.


Best for: Those who like amenities close to hand

Average price: £266

10. Sanctum Regents Park

This Sanctum Regents Park serviced apartment is situated in a prime location within the city, offering a peaceful retreat from more urban life. Even though it’s centrally located, its surroundings have a calm and natural feel thanks to its close proximity to Regents Park. The apartment is modern and designed for guests to unwind and relax, with comfort and luxury prioritised throughout. For those who appreciate a blend of city convenience and serene ambiance, this is the ideal choice.


Best for: Nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts.

Average price: £394 per night

Is it worth staying in North West London?

Rich History and Architecture

This part of London is steeped in history, featuring Victorian and Edwardian homes, as well as iconic landmarks such as Abbey Road Studios. A simple stroll can become a journey through time.

Vibrant Local Culture

With its mix of cultures, North West London offers a plethora of culinary delights, boutique shops, and local events that give a more intimate feel of London’s rich tapestry.

Proximity to Central London

Hotels in North West London, UK boasts a prime location, mere minutes away from the bustling heart of the capital. This ensures that tourists and business travellers alike can easily access Central London’s myriad of attractions, shopping venues, and business hubs.

Open Green Spaces

From the famous Regent’s Park to Hampstead Heath, the area is dotted with vast green expanses, perfect for those seeking a peaceful respite from the urban hustle.


North West London is exceptionally well-connected with tube stations and bus routes, ensuring you’re never too far from any part of the city.

What to Avoid when Looking for Luxury Hotels and Apartments in North West London

Ignoring Guest Reviews

One of the biggest mistakes travellers make is overlooking guest reviews. These reviews, available on platforms such as TripAdvisor,, or even Google, provide firsthand accounts of experiences from fellow travellers that reveal much about the cleanliness of a hotel, the quality of the service, the actual look and feel of the rooms, and much more. While a single negative review might not be representative, consistent issues pointed out by multiple guests should be taken seriously.

Overlooking the Fine Print

In the competitive hotel industry, many establishments, especially cheap hotels in North West London, use appealing headlines for their rates, however, a deeper dive often reveals additional costs – from service charges, resort fees, to fees for using basic amenities. Before committing, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. To prevent unexpected costs.

Compromising on Location

North West London boasts a wealth of attractions, from the leafy havens of Regent’s Park to the eclectic vibes of Camden. When selecting a hotel, it might be tempting to go for one that offers a fantastic deal but is located on the outskirts but think about transport costs, time, and convenience. 

Staying far away might mean spending more time and money commuting, which could negate any initial savings. Also, don’t underestimate the luxury of being able to pop back to your hotel for a midday break or to change before dinner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hotels in North West London with free parking?

While rare, several luxury hotels, including some mentioned above, do offer complimentary parking, and some have subsidised rates for guests. Always inquire in advance if you require parking.

Which are the best hotels in North West London for families?

Pullman Hotel St Pancras and The Level at Melia White House are family-friendly hotels, but other great family options are the Sanctum Serviced Apartments in Regents Park or Belsize Road. Serviced apartments offer more space for families as well as benefiting from kitchen facilities. 

What's the price range for luxury hotels in North West London uk?

Prices vary based on the season and specific hotel, but on average, luxury accommodations range from £200 to £350 per night.

Which hotels in North West London have swimming pools for children?

The Landmark in North West London features a swimming pool that caters to children, ensuring a fun and safe experience for the younger guests.

The Best of the North West

In the quest to find the perfect hotel in North West London, many factors come into play. From location and amenities to personal preferences and budget, ensuring you get the best experience requires careful consideration. 

North West London, with its blend of history, culture, and luxury, promises an unforgettable stay. Making an informed choice means you can take in all the opulence and charm this wonderful part of London has to offer. 

We have apartment locations across North West London that are perfect for a short break or a longer stay. Book a trip away with us today. 

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