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Where to Stay for the 2023 NFL Games in London, and Things to Do

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The NFL comes to London again in 2023. Games dates, 1st / 8th /15th October 2023. For those looking to travel to the UK to see the 2023 NFL games in London, take a vacation and enjoy the city for a few days, prior planning is important. London is a busy capital with lots to see and do, and good quality luxury accommodation will be in high demand. Booking early, therefore, is essential.

Key Takeaways

  • The enthusiasm of UK American Football fans means the London NFL experience is a unique and fantastic experience, and certainly not one to be missed.
  • Book one of our serviced apartments today to secure five-star luxury accommodation in the heart of London.

Where to Stay in London for the NFL Games?

If you’re making the journey into London for the games, then booking quality accommodation is a must. For the best stay, a five-star serviced apartment offers a superior alternative to traditional hotels. We offer a range of top-quality luxury accommodation, for instance, that’s perfect to plan out a longer stay for the consecutive weekends expected for the NFL games. 

While hotels are good for short stays, if you’re planning to stay for all three games or to make the most of your stay, then the cost of staying in a luxury hotel in London will quickly become expensive. By contrast, serviced apartments are far more budget-friendly when booked for longer periods. 

Providing multiple bedrooms, a fully-fitted kitchen, and designated living room, all combined with the high level of amenities and facilities of five-star accommodation, we offer the premier option when it comes to discerning travellers looking to relax and enjoy the British capital, whilst at the same time getting the chance to view a game (or multiple games) of the US’ most popular sport firsthand.

Looking for the Finest Luxury Accommodation for the London NFL Games?

Book Early for a Preferential Rate

What NFL Teams are Playing in London in 2023?

London has two stadiums that are taking part in the NFL games:

Wembley Stadium Sunday 1st October 2023

Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Sunday 8th October 2023

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo Bills

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Sunday 15th October 2023

Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans 


What is the NFL Like in London? FAQs

Fans, both UK nationals and those travelling from the US, are keen to have a true NFL experience when coming to the London NFL Games. While some aspects are a little different, the atmosphere is just as exciting for International American Football games as it is back home. Here, we’ve listed a few frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Can You Drink Alcohol at NFL Games in London?

Yes, alcohol is permitted at both Tottenham Hotspur and Wembley stadiums, with plenty of stalls on site selling a range of alcoholic beverages, including lager and spirits.

Are There Tailgating Parties?

The tradition of tailgating where fans set up their cars, open the boots and party together doesn’t happen in England, but that doesn’t mean the atmosphere isn’t there. London’s NFL tailgating parties happen around the stadium, with food and drink stalls available for everyone to party and enjoy themselves before the main event. Roads are closed especially for the occasion.

What Hotel do the NFL Teams Stay at in London?

As five-star accommodation providers, we understand the need for the team’s privacy while they’re in London. Professional courtesy means we can’t tell you exactly where they’re staying but, with our full luxury experience, our own serviced apartments would make the perfect home for any of the teams while they’re here.

What is there to Do in London on NFL Weekends?

London is a city rich with things to do. With the three NFL games likely to take place during weekends in October, the city is likely to be on the chilly side – especially during the evening – so take that into account before planning your trip.

If you’re looking for an authentic experience of the UK, then why not see if you can catch one of the 2023 Rugby World Cup games while you’re here? Though the matches themselves will be played in France, a visit to a pub during your stay will give you the opportunity to experience the sport on screen alongside an enthusiastic British crowd. If the whole purpose of your trip is to watch a sport featuring an oval ball, then doubling up to also watch some rugby (which also features an oval ball) just seems like the logical choice!

Of course, there are also plenty of non-sporting options to consider, too. London’s West End is famous for its shows and musicals, and there are multiple quality venues for music of all tastes, as well as comedy clubs, and more. Plus, of course, the capital lays claim to an incredible range of quality restaurants, offering delicious cuisine from all around the world.

Visit the British Museum or world-class Natural History and Science Museums, or enjoy the Tower of London to immerse yourself in some of the rich history. If you have the time, why not hire a car and take a quick road trip out into the countryside. Once outside the M25, London’s motorway ring road, England has many beautiful country places to see, from stately homes and castles, to delightful farm attractions, many of which are easily accessible (within a two hour drive) of our serviced apartments.

Staying With Sanctum for the London NFL Games 2023

For premium five-star accommodation, look no further than one of our serviced apartments. Dedicated to providing you with a safe, comfortable and trouble-free stay, we’re here to make your time in London truly the experience of a lifetime. Taking care of amenities and ensuring your rest and relaxation, our accommodation options will enable you to really get the most from your NFL trip to London.

So, whichever team you’re rooting for, get in touch with our team today, and book your October visit to enjoy our preferential rates for early booking.

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