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Short Term Serviced Apartments for Students in London

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Coming from afar to enjoy a premium education and live in the vibrant capital can be overwhelming. By ensuring your accommodation caters fully to your every need, you can be sure to get the right start. 

Now, Serviced Apartments aren’t going to be on the cheap side of student accommodation, but what they do offer, is amenities and luxury all other student accommodations will struggle to match. And be highly suitable for those looking at high end student accommodation.

Serviced Apartments for Students - At a Glance

  • Serviced apartments provide a luxurious short term stay for students coming to London.
  • With a range of amenities and services, staying in a serviced apartment means never having to worry about housekeeping, security, or privacy.
  • Of the many options available for short term lets in London, only serviced apartments provide the perfect balance between quality, comfort, and cost.
  • Serviced apartments in London are the perfect springboard to longer term accommodation.

What Are Serviced Apartments?

Unlike most student accommodation that can lack significantly in amenities, serviced apartments provide a luxury home for discerning students. Equivalent in comfort to the top London hotels, but without the limited space and spiralling costs, a five star serviced apartment provides everything you need to focus on your course.

With separate bedrooms, living area, kitchen and bathroom, a serviced apartment is far more a home-from-home than any hotel, yet that doesn’t mean you need to suffer without comfort. Serviced apartments include full housekeeping and concierge services, provide dedicated security for you and your possessions, and include such benefits as a gym, restaurant services, and – most importantly – private areas to study with an unhampered high-speed connection to the internet. 

When looking for short stay student accommodation in London, serviced apartments are the ultimate choice.

Considering a serviced accommodation for your study in London?

Book with Sanctum today for preferential rates.

Student Accommodation in London - Short Term Lets

Of course, serviced apartments aren’t the only option for those looking to obtain short term student accommodation in London – there are many other choices, from co-living spaces through to five-star hotel rooms. However, only a serviced apartment offers the best-of-both-worlds aspect of luxury accommodation combined with a private spacious home. Some of the pros and cons of other options include:

  • Co-Living – Like serviced apartments, the co-living sector has grown considerably over the past two decades. However, while this option is certainly more budget friendly, co-living is never private, has far fewer amenities (if any), and while there is often a reasonable amount of additional space outside of the bedroom, it is generally communal.
  • Spare Room and flat sharing – Websites like Spare Room offer a house share that is similar to a dedicated co-living space but without any of the modern additional extras. Again, house or flat sharing can be somewhat cheaper than a serviced apartment, but they are far from luxurious and can even be a substandard way of living – even for a short while.
  • AirBNB and other vacation rentalsAirBNB provides a way to obtain short term lets in London from a few days up to many months, with a range of options and may seem like a strong choice. However, a lack of comprehensive oversight means AirBNB accommodation is often hit-and-miss and when it is good, it comes with a significant price tag that fails to be competitive with the clear guarantee of quality that comes from serviced apartments.
  • Hostels – At the very low end of the budget are the many hostels that serve London. There is little doubt that if money is a significant issue, hostels do offer a reasonable service. Privacy is non-existent, though, with shared bedrooms and all other areas being communal. Wifi is often inadequate and finding a space to study without interruption can be incredibly hard.
  • Hotels – One option that may be worth consideration is that of a trusted luxury hotel, however, for stays that are longer than an average vacation, hotels will quickly become extremely expensive. This, plus the lack of dedicated study space, makes many London hotels, even those 4-star and above, a poor option for the conscientious student.

When everything is considered, serviced apartments provide the best temporary accommodation for students coming to London.

Moving On - Settling For a Full Year in London

Despite our obvious favouring serviced apartments as short stay student accommodation in London, there will come a time when you are ready to move from this temporary home to a longer-term property.

Many degree courses in London are three or four years and while your serviced apartment will be more than happy to have you as a resident for that long, it’s likely that you’ll be looking for a house or flat to move into.

One further advantage of serviced apartments is the flexibility regarding the length of your stay. Unlike co-living or house share options which typically require an obligation of a minimum of one to three months, serviced apartments can be booked for as little as a single night. This gives you the perfect opportunity to spend as long as you need to find more permanent accommodation for your time in London.

Finding a suitable home in London can take many weeks. There are many rental agencies who will help you discover the perfect property, but the paperwork can be difficult – especially if you have come from abroad. Long term London letting will require a strong UK credit check and references which can be difficult to obtain with only a few months in the country. Here, serviced apartments can help again, with knowledgeable staff happy to advise and even provide written recommendation for established residents where relevant.

However long it takes though, a serviced apartment will never let you down. Should your house search take longer than expected, simply extend your booking with no penalties whatsoever.

Choosing Sanctum for your London Student Accommodation

With three fantastic locations in North London, Sanctum is perfectly located for students at any of the top London universities. Our five star serviced apartments are designed to provide the ultimate luxury and comfort for guests and our experienced staff are here to help you settle in and get the most out of London.

Book now, or contact us to discuss your need for short term student accommodation in London.

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