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Best Muslim Spas in London for Ladies Only

Table of Contents

Our Top 3

Best for Ultra-Luxurious Experience

Bulgari Hotel

Best for Authentic Cultural Treatments

Ushvani Spa

Best for Historical Elegance

The Rembrandt Spa

How to Choose the Best Spa As A Muslim Lady In London

Selecting the perfect spa goes beyond the realm of sheer indulgence; it’s about finding a place that respects and caters to your cultural, religious, and personal preferences. Here are essential factors to consider:

Scrutinise the 'Ladies Only' Claims

While many spas market themselves with a ‘ladies only’ label, this might only apply to specific hours or days. Ensure that you delve deeper into their schedule to confirm exactly when the exclusive female sessions, avoiding any potential mixed timings.

Assess the Availability of Dedicated Facilities

For many, particularly Muslim women, the presence of exclusive amenities is crucial. It’s not just about the treatments but also the overall spa experience. Investigate if they offer separate changing rooms, exclusive relaxation zones, and private therapy chambers specifically for women.

Rely on Authentic Feedback

User reviews often paint a clearer picture of what to expect. Platforms such as TripAdvisor or Google Reviews host a plethora of genuine experiences shared by previous guests. Prioritise those comments that shed light on aspects of privacy, cultural understanding, and the overall sensitivity and professionalism of the spa staff.

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8 Ladies Only Spas in London

1. Bulgari Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, the Bulgari Hotel Spa is the epitome of luxury and refinement. It offers exclusive female-only sessions, ensuring that Muslim women can rejuvenate in a comfortable and private setting. 

The spa is renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, coupled with treatments that blend ancient traditions with modern wellness techniques. The ambiance is a harmonious blend of elegance and tranquillity, making every visit a memorable one.

Nearest Tube Station: Knightsbridge.

Accommodation Choice: The Camden Enterprise Hotel

2. Ushvani Spa

Situated in Chelsea, Ushvani Spa is an oasis of Malaysian tranquillity in the heart of London. This spa is renowned for offering some of the most exclusive female-only sessions, tailored specifically for the utmost privacy and comfort of Muslim women. 

With a holistic approach, Ushvani combines age-old Malaysian treatments with modern spa techniques. The interior, rich with warm woods and calming hues, evokes a sense of peace from the moment you enter.

Nearest Tube Station: Sloane Square.

Accommodation Choice: Sanctum Belsize Road

3. The Rembrandt Spa

Located in the prestigious South Kensington district, The Rembrandt is home to a spa that offers a blend of traditional charm with modern luxury. 

This spa is known for hosting dedicated female-only sessions, ensuring that Muslim women experience relaxation in a private, comfortable environment. With a rich history and a reputation for excellence, The Rembrandt combines classic British elegance with top-notch spa treatments. Every visit promises a harmonious blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and luxury.

Nearest Tube Station: South Kensington.

Accommodation Choice: St. James’ Court

4. Old Hammam & Spa

Tucked away in Edmonton, Old Hammam & Spa offers an authentic escape, reminiscent of traditional Turkish baths. Known for its distinctive Turkish hammam London ladies only sessions, it provides Muslim women with an intimate setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The spa seamlessly blends the ancient hammam rituals with contemporary treatments, ensuring a unique and memorable experience. The interior is adorned with intricate mosaics and marbles, creating a genuine Turkish ambiance.

Nearest Tube Station: Edmonton Green


5. Spa Experience at Swiss Cottage

Situated in the vibrant Swiss Cottage area, Spa Experience offers a modern take on traditional thermal spa treatments. Notably popular for its ladies only hammam London sessions, the spa ensures a dedicated, serene environment tailored to the comfort of Muslim women. 

With a plethora of treatments, from classic steam to contemporary wellness therapies, guests are guaranteed a diverse and enriching spa day. The facility marries state-of-the-art design with a comfortable ambiance, providing a refreshing urban escape.

Nearest Tube Station: Swiss Cottage.


6. Casa Spa

Situated in the heart of Edgware Road, Casa Spa offers a genuine North African spa experience amidst the bustling streets of London. Renowned for its dedicated sessions for women, it caters impeccably to Muslim ladies seeking both relaxation and authenticity. 

Drawing upon centuries-old Moroccan and Tunisian hammam traditions, guests are invited to immerse themselves in a world of warmth, steam, and energising treatments. The décor, rich in Middle Eastern motifs, complements the immersive spa experience. Once finished, take yourself for an invigorating walk around nearby Regent’s Park

Nearest Tube Station: Edgware Road.


7. The Carlton Tower Jumeirah Spa

Nestled in the upscale area of Knightsbridge, The Carlton Tower Jumeirah Spa stands as a beacon of luxury and tranquillity. Recognized for its opulent spa facilities and ladies-only sessions, it offers an unparalleled sanctuary for Muslim women seeking privacy and top-tier treatments. 

Harnessing a blend of modern techniques and traditional wellness rituals, the spa provides a rejuvenating experience like no other. The interiors are exquisitely designed, echoing sophistication and serenity in equal measure.

Nearest Tube Station: Knightsbridge.


8. The Dorchester

Situated in the iconic Mayfair district, The Dorchester Spa is synonymous with timeless elegance and unmatched luxury. With select female-only sessions, Muslim ladies can bask in a serene environment, cherishing both privacy and the renowned Dorchester opulence. 

Drawing inspiration from both contemporary and classic spa rituals, the facility promises a unique and indulgent experience for every guest. The spa’s design boasts 1930s Art Deco flair, complemented by a touch of modernity, ensuring every visit feels like a step into a lavish haven.

Nearest Tube Station: Green Park.


What to Avoid When Looking for a Ladies Only Spa

Selecting the perfect spa goes beyond the realm of sheer indulgence; it’s about finding a place that respects and caters to your cultural, religious, and personal preferences. Here are essential factors to consider:

Misleading Representations

Many establishments might boast the ‘spa’ label, but they fall short of the true spa experience. Ensure that your chosen place provides essential amenities such as a sauna, hammam, and jacuzzi. A comprehensive spa shouldn’t just offer treatments; it should have the facilities to match.

Absence of Accreditation

A spa’s accreditation speaks volumes about its commitment to quality, safety, and service excellence. Always prioritise spas that hold certifications from reputable and recognized industry institutions. This ensures not just superior services but also adherence to safety and hygiene standards.

Compromised Privacy Measures

For many, especially Muslim women, privacy isn’t just a luxury – it’s a necessity. When selecting a spa, it’s imperative to consider the privacy arrangements they offer. Do they provide private changing areas? Are there secluded hammam sessions? It’s wise to avoid establishments that cannot guarantee these basics.

Unclear Terms and Conditions

Transparency is key when it comes to spa policies. A reputed spa will always have clear and specific guidelines about their ‘ladies only’ timings, services, and any other essential details. Steer clear of those spas that provide ambiguous or unclear terms, as they might not live up to your expectations or needs.

Best Muslim Ladies Only Spas in London Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure the spa upholds Islamic traditions?

Look for spas that advertise as ‘Muslim-friendly’ or consult reviews from Muslim customers discussing the spa’s adherence to Islamic principles.

Can I book private spa sessions?

Many high-end spas offer private sessions, especially for treatments like hammams. It’s always best to ask in advance.

SpaLuxurious AmbianceCultural/Authentic ExperienceHistorical CharmUnique FacilitiesPrice RatingLadies Only
Bulgari Hotel£££Sessions
Ushvani Spa£££All the Time
The Rembrandt Spa££Sessions
Old Hammam & Spa✅ (Turkish Hammam)✅ (Traditional Hammam)££Sessions
Spa Experience Swiss Cottage✅ (Modern Thermal)££Sessions
Casa Spa✅ (North African)££All the Time
Carlton Tower Jumeirah£££Sessions
The Dorchester✅ (1930s Art Deco Flair)£££Sessions


Finding the perfect Muslim ladies only spa in London need not be a daunting task. Armed with the right knowledge, you can ensure your spa day aligns with both your relaxation needs and your cultural values. 

With numerous options available, London is a haven for those seeking an authentic and culturally sensitive spa experience. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, ensure you indulge in a spa that resonates with your values, offers genuine treatments, and provides the utmost privacy.

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