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The 7 Best Hotels and Apartments Near Camden Town

Table of Contents

Our Top 3 Picks

Best for Groups

Sanctum Regents Park

Best for Live Music

Bull & Last

Best for Homely Touches

Sanctum Belsize Road

Why Stay Near Camden Town

Unparalleled Nightlife Experience

Camden Town, known for its vibrant streets, quirky boutiques, and thriving nightlife, is an unmissable London district. Staying nearby allows you to take in its eclectic style after dark.

Proximity to Central London

Positioned in North West London, Camden is a stone’s throw away from Central London. This means most major attractions like the British Museum and Covent Garden are easily accessible.

Historical Charm and Culture

Camden’s rich history and cultural significance offer visitors a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. Experience British history firsthand by taking a stroll down its cobbled lanes.

Diverse Culinary Scene

From sumptuous street food in Camden Market to posh restaurants by Regent’s Canal, Camden’s diverse culinary scene is a treat for food aficionados, and is often going viral with #camdenfood having over 7.9m posts on TikTok.

Ease of Transportation

With its own Underground station and multiple bus lines, travelling to and from Camden is a breeze, making it an ideal base for London explorers.

Top 7 Best Hotels and Apartments near Camden

1. Sanctum Regents Park

Sanctum Regents Park is the epitome of elegance and convenience in the realm of serviced apartments. Nestled in the heart of London, these apartments combine the autonomy of having your own space with the amenities of a luxury establishment. Their strategic location offers the convenience of being close to the magnetic pull of Regent’s Park and the surrounding attractions. With fully-furnished interiors, modern amenities, and a concierge service that rivals top-tier hotels, guests can truly experience London living at its finest.

Best for: Families, groups, and luxury seekers

Average price: £394 per night.


2. Selina Camden

Harking back to London’s rich history, Selina Camden has meticulously preserved its historic exterior while ensuring its interiors offer state-of-the-art comfort. For those looking to immerse themselves in Camden’s vibrant culture, this hotel is a dream, being within walking distance of the iconic Camden Market. This isn’t just a place to rest, but also a hub for young, creative minds; the co-working spaces within testify to that. The community-driven events add to the hotel’s unique charm, making every day an adventure.

Best for: Young travellers and solo adventurers

Average price: £111 per night


3. Sanctum Belsize Road

Offering a unique blend of hotel convenience and homely luxury, Sanctum Belsize Road serviced apartments are a haven for those seeking extended stays in the city. While they maintain the same high standards as their Regent’s Park counterpart, these apartments pride themselves on a distinct, peaceful suburban setting. Each apartment is spacious, thoughtfully designed, and equipped with all modern conveniences, providing the comforts of home with the luxury of a hotel. Its proximity to major transport links ensures guests can seamlessly balance relaxation with exploration.

Best for: Families and long-stay visitors.

Average price: £188 per night.


4. York & Albany

Positioned in a regency-era townhouse, York & Albany is where history meets culinary artistry. Every brick and chandelier in this hotel whispers tales from the past, while the in-house restaurant showcases gastronomic delights curated by acclaimed chefs. Its location near Chalk Farm Road means that guests are always close to some of Camden’s most buzzing spots. However, the hotel itself is a microcosm of Camden’s essence – historic, vibrant, and undeniably British.

Best for: Food lovers

Average price: £315 per night


5. Rosewood London

A stay at the Rosewood London offers an opulent oasis away from Central Camden, in nearby Holborn. This elegant, classic British hotel offers a perfect compromise on accessibility to London’s prime attractions. Within its walls, guests are treated to a symphony of architectural grandeur and impeccable hospitality. The experience at Rosewood is further elevated by personal butler services and an array of bespoke amenities, making it a preferred choice for those looking to indulge in luxury while staying within a stone’s throw of Camden and Central London.

Best for: Luxury travellers and business stays

Average price: £649 per night.


6. Bull & Last

Embedded deep within Camden’s historic fabric, Bull & Last is an ode to traditional British inns. Its rustic allure is evident in every wooden beam and vintage furniture piece, all meticulously preserved to offer guests a truly authentic experience. The rooms, each with its unique character, speak of a time long past but not forgotten. Below, the award-winning pub, with its tantalising aromas and live tunes, brings back the magic of old-world Britain, ensuring guests are always amidst the lively spirit of Camden.

Best for: Tradition enthusiasts and couples

Average price: £165 per night


7.The Camden Enterprise

Housed in a historic 19th-century building, The Camden Enterprise is a perfect blend of the past and the present, providing guests a unique staying experience right at the heart of Camden. This is an ideal accommodation choice for those seeking a hotel near Camden Market.

Best for: Music lovers and those keen on a central Camden location

Average price: £222 per night


Discover the best of Camden with a stay in our cosy serviced apartments.

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What to Avoid with Hotels and Apartments near Camden

Overcrowded Areas

Camden, known for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic markets, can also have pockets of dense activity. Some cheap hotels near Camden might position themselves right in the heart of these bustling zones. While this offers the thrill of being in the action, it can also bring about noise disturbances, especially during weekends or special events. Consider your personal preference: if a peaceful night’s sleep is essential, it might be worth looking at locations slightly off the main drag.

Hidden Fees

It’s easy to get enticed by seemingly affordable nightly rates, but always dig deeper. Some accommodations may add on extras such as service charges, city taxes, or even fees for amenities like Wi-Fi. Before confirming your booking, request a full breakdown of costs or check the fine print. This ensures that your hotel near Camden Market doesn’t surprise you with unexpected charges.

Inflexible Booking Policies

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes, travel plans need to change. While hunting for hotels near Camden town, pay special attention to their cancellation or rescheduling policies. Some establishments, especially during peak seasons or special events, might implement stringent policies that offer little to no flexibility. Opting for accommodations with more lenient terms can save you potential headaches and financial penalties.

Misleading Photos

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to present accommodations in the best light—sometimes, too good to be true. While most hotels near Camden will be genuine in their portrayal, there’s always the risk of embellished or outdated photographs. To circumvent this, always cross-reference property photos with recent guest reviews or third-party websites. Real experiences from past visitors can provide a more transparent view of what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any cheap hotels near Camden Town London?

Yes, several budget-friendly options are available, especially during off-peak seasons. Use accommodation search tools such as or to find great offers. 

How close are these hotels to major tourist spots?

Most listed hotels offer easy access to major attractions, with many being a short walk away. Notably close attractions include Camden Market, Regents Park, London Zoo, and Little Venice. It is also easily accessible to key London shopping districts such as Oxford Street and Coals Drop Yard. 

What's the best mode of transportation when staying near Camden?

Camden is well-connected by bus and tube, however, many attractions are also within walking distance.

Enjoy Camden Town in Comfort

Choosing the right accommodation can significantly enhance your London experience. When seeking hotels near Camden, it’s crucial to consider the location, be cautious of hidden fees, and ensure flexibility in booking policies. Keep these pointers in mind to ensure you enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay in one of London’s most iconic districts. 

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