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Frieze London 2023 | Where to Stay, Travel and Guide

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Frieze London 2023 | Key Summary

What is Frieze London?

Frieze London represents a significant moment in the global art calendar. As part of Frieze, the world’s leading platform for modern and contemporary art, it is a must-attend event for artists, galleries, collectors, and art enthusiasts alike. 

The Frieze brand is a powerful force in the art world, comprising three publications, Frieze Magazine, Frieze Masters Magazine, and Frieze Week, and four international art fairs, Frieze London, Frieze LA, Frieze New York, Frieze Seoul, and Frieze Masters. Additionally, it includes No.9 Cork Street, a permanent gallery space in London, and regular talks and summits, led by Frieze editors.

About Frieze

about Frieze

Founded in 1991 by Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover, and Tom Gidley, Frieze has its roots in frieze magazine, a leading publication of contemporary art and culture. The magazine’s success laid the groundwork for Frieze London, established in 2003. 

This influential fair takes place every October in The Regent’s Park, London, making it one of the world’s most prominent cultural art attractions. This year it celebrates its 20th anniversary making this one extra special.

Over time, Frieze expanded its global reach, launching Frieze New York in 2012, Frieze Masters in London, Frieze Los Angeles in 2019, and Frieze Seoul in 2022. Moreover, No.9 Cork Street was opened in London in 2021, becoming a permanent space for visiting international galleries.

Frieze London and Frieze Masters

Frieze London 2023 comprises two significant parts: Frieze London and Frieze Masters. Frieze London focuses on contemporary art, presenting cutting-edge works from today’s most exciting artists. In contrast, Frieze Masters is dedicated to art from ancient to modern times, offering a broader historical perspective.

Frieze London 2023 Dates

Frieze London dates this year are from Wed, 11 Oct 2023 – Sun, 15 Oct 2023, at the iconic Regent’s Park. This beautiful setting has been the home of the event for many years, providing a sophisticated backdrop for the presentation of art.

Frieze London 2023 Tickets

The Frieze Art Fair 2023 tickets for London are available exclusively online, via the Frieze website, and must be bought in advance. You can buy your tickets early to secure your entry, with early bird tickets being released in July 2023. It is important that you book in advance as tickets are not available on the door. 

To visit both the Frieze art fair in London and Frieze Masters, two separate tickets are required. A limited number of combined tickets are available but it is important that you visit both by the order of times that are listed on your tickets.

Frieze London 2023 Opening Times

Wednesday 11th October

Preview session, invitation only, 11am – 7pm

Thursday 12th October

Preview 1-7pm

Members and invitation only preview 11am-1pm

Friday, October 13

11am – 7pm

Saturday, October 14

11am – 7pm

Sunday, October 15

11am – 6pm

Remember, entry is date and time specific, and strictly no re-admission is allowed.

Where to Stay During Frieze London 2023

Sanctum Regent's Park

If you are wondering where to stay whilst visiting, there is a wide range of accommodation nearby to the Frieze London location in Regent’s Park. 

Serviced apartments offer a flexible accommodation choice that gives you a home-from-home feeling with the benefit of some luxury amenities too! 

Here at Sanctum, we have Regent’s Park on our doorstep and frequently play host to Frieze London guests. Guests enjoy the freedom of being able to come and go when they please as well as the ease of getting to the festival. 

Our conveniently located, luxury apartments in Regent’s Park come with housekeeping, a fully equipped kitchen, air con, Wi-Fi, and more, ensuring you have a comfortable base to relax after taking in everything the Frieze festival has to offer.

Looking to stay near Regent’s Park during Frieze 2023?


There is also likely to be local residents offering out their properties on AirBnb during the festival which is a more affordable way of staying nearby, however, you won’t benefit from the facilities of a serviced apartment or hotel.

If you would prefer the comfort of a hotel, Frieze London partners with various hotels, these are as follows:

  • Hotel Cafe Royal
  • Claridge’s
  • The Landmark
  • Sanderson
  • The Mandeville Hotel
  • The Connaught
  • Brown’s Hotel
  • Rosewood London
  • The Berkeley
  • Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

How do I get to Frieze London 2023?

transportation to Frieze London

Frieze London’s location in Regent’s Park is accessible through various modes of transportation. The address is NW1 4LL, and Frieze Masters is just a 15-minute walk away.

  • Tube: 5 minutes walk from Regent’s Park station, Baker Street, and Great Portland Street stations.
  • Bus: Numerous routes including 2, 13, 18, 27, 30, 74, 82, 88, 113, 139, 189, 205, 274, 453, & C2.
  • Bike: Racks are provided within the park.
  • Car Parking: Limited Pay and Display parking spaces are available, but public transport is highly recommended.

Who is the Winner of Frieze London 2023?

Adham Faramawy has been announced as the Winner of the 2023 Frieze London Artist Award. The artist’s new commission will use video and sculptural assemblage to explore the river Thames and various themes, including migration, colonisation, and ecological collapse.

What Can I See at Frieze London 2023?

what to see in Frieze

As well as seeing the Frieze London 2023 winner’s commission, there will also be a dynamic programme full of special projects, partnerships, and events. Details of the festival are often sparse and very little is revealed before the opening. 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Frieze London, there will also be an extended programme of cultural events that will run in conjunction with the fairs from 9-15 October at galleries, institutions, and artist-led spaces throughout the city.

There is also a range of featured presentations from new talent picked by established artists such as Tracey Emin and Alvaro Barrington. 

Frieze London 2023 also sees the introduction of Modern Women, a new themed section steered by Camille Morineau (Co- founder of AWARE). Dedicated to solo exhibitions by women artists, the section focuses on work created  during 1880 and 1980, which is a pivotal period for women’s rights and feminism.

How to Plan Your Day for Frieze London 2023

Attending Frieze London is an exhilarating experience, but without proper planning, you may miss out on some of its many offerings. Here’s a guide to help you maximise your time:

Review the Program

Before your visit, take some time to study the program, noting the exhibitions, artists, or galleries that most interest you. Check the official website or app for any scheduled talks, guided tours, or special events that align with your interests.

Create a Schedule

Based on your preferences, create a flexible schedule. Consider prioritising must-see exhibits and allocating time for exploration. If you’re attending both Frieze London and Frieze Masters, be mindful of the walking distance between the two and plan accordingly.

Arrive Early

Lines can be long, and popular exhibits may be crowded. Arriving early ensures you can navigate the venue with ease and have time to explore at a relaxed pace.

Dress Comfortably

Frieze London offers a vast space to explore, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for walking. The event’s smart-casual vibe allows for both style and comfort.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

There will be food and beverage options on-site, but consider packing a water bottle and some snacks to keep your energy levels up.

Download the Frieze App

The official app may provide real-time updates, maps, and additional insights into the exhibits. This can be a valuable tool to navigate the fair and stay informed.

Network and Socialise

If you’re in the art industry or simply an art enthusiast, take time to engage with other attendees, artists, and gallery representatives. You never know what insights or connections you might make!

Leave Room for Exploration

While having a plan is essential, allow for some spontaneity. Explore areas that aren’t on your must-see list, and take in the unexpected treasures of the fair.

Plan Your Transportation

Decide in advance how you’ll travel to and from the venue, and be mindful of the likely increased traffic around Regent’s Park during the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Frieze London worth it?

With its unique combination of contemporary and historical art, Frieze London offers an unparalleled experience for art enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

The event showcases the creative works of established artists and emerging talents, making it a must-visit destination for collectors, gallery owners, and art lovers. Whether you’re an avid art collector or simply curious about modern artistic expressions, Frieze London is worth the visit, providing insight and enjoyment that extends far beyond the gallery walls.

How long is Frieze London on for?

Frieze London 2023 is on for five days but two of those days are mainly made up of invitation only and preview sessions.

What is the dress code for Frieze Masters?

While there is no strict dress code, attendees often opt for smart casual attire.

What is the difference between Frieze London and Frieze Masters?

Frieze London focuses on contemporary art, while Frieze Masters offers art from ancient to modern times.

Why are Frieze tickets so expensive?

The ticket price reflects the exclusive nature of the event and provides access to an extraordinary array of art and artists.

What celebrities are at Frieze London?

Frieze London attracts a host of celebrities, artists, and influential figures from various industries. The guest list changes every year, adding to the allure and excitement of the event.


Frieze London 2023 stands as a beacon in the art world, representing an unparalleled opportunity to engage with modern and contemporary art. 

From securing your Frieze London 2023 tickets to finding the perfect accommodation at Regent’s Park, this guide provides everything you need for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re an art lover, collector, or just curious about the world of art, Frieze London 2023 awaits with its blend of creativity, history, and innovation.

Need somewhere to stay for Frieze London 2023? Book with Sanctum Serviced Apartments for a luxurious but flexible base right on the festival’s doorstep.

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