Accommodation and Rooms Near Wellington Hospital

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    Wellington Hospital is the largest private hospital in the UK and at the forefront of many areas of medicine.

    There are more than 200 Wellington Hospital Rooms for in-patients, located across a number of buildings, but we know that it can take a significant amount of time to recover from surgery or treatment, so having a nice place to recover close by is also important.

    Having your family close to you during your hospital stay can also provide an immensely uplifting boost during your recovery, and of course, they need somewhere comfortable to rest at night, too.

    We’ve got you covered and will look at what the hospital offers, what accommodation options are available in the local area and how having a lovely home from home can help you get back to fitness more comfortably.

    Firstly, let’s look at the hospital itself.

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    How Many Beds Does The Wellington Hospital Have?

    Wellington Hospital

    Wellington Hospital is made up of a number of buildings in North West London, just next to Regent’s Park. The North Building, on Circus Road, has 85 beds for inpatients and 15 intensive care beds, along with 2 operating theatres, as well as the provision of diagnostic imaging services, too.

    46 of those beds are for rehabilitation services, to help people get back on their feet after operations. Meanwhile, in the hospital’s South Building on Wellington Place, there are also 87 inpatient beds and 14 intensive care beds, along with 7 operating theatres.

    How Can Accommodation Near Wellington Hospital Help Your Recovery?

    Getting back on your feet again after treatment at the private hospital in St John’s Wood can take time, so having a rental apartment or hotel close by can prove incredibly useful.

    Not only do you take the stress away from having to travel long distances home, when you might not be feeling your best, but you’re also close to the hospital in case you need to return for follow-up care as an out-patient, or if you suddenly feel unwell. This peace of mind really can help when on the road to recovery.

    As an area, there’s plenty to see and do to cater for all stages of recovery; from initial gentle strolls around Regent’s Park or Primrose Hill, to full days out to London Zoo or Lord’s Cricket Ground to celebrate your full recovery.

    It’s also important to know your family and loved ones are nearby if you’re going in for treatment – knowing they’re comfortable in a lovely apartment can be just the reassurance you need, knowing that you can call on them quickly if needed.

    Accommodation Option Near Wellington Hospital, St. John’s Wood

    Luckily, at Sanctum, we have had the pleasure of being on Wellington Hospitals Doorstep since day one. This has meant, we have become the number one provider of accommodation for discharged patients and for their friends and family. luxury serviced apartments by Sanctum.

    We are directly opposite the North Building and a 3-minute walk or a 1-minute drive to the South Building, so we offer excellent services including wheelchair access. Something which is obviously hugely important when recovering from treatment.

    Looking for accomodation next to Wellington Hospital?”

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    Sanctum’s Regent’s Park site has a variety of room sizes available:

    • Studio apartments
    • One bed
    • Two Bed
    • Three Bed
    • Four Bed
    • Large suites which can house up to 10 people (5 Doubles) 

    Getting out into the fresh air

    The varying room sizes are ideal if you are travelling with family and want to have them close to you during your treatment in hospital. The apartment complex is also only a 5-minute walk to the north west corner of Regent’s Park, which is the perfect green space to explore as you begin to get back on your feet again.

    The park’s many beautiful walkways and lake offer a wonderful place to stretch your legs and clear your head following a spell in hospital.

    What Does Wellington Hospital London Specialise in?

    The site offers a range of services, including: cancer care, cardiology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, women’s health and spinal care. Besides the two main hospital buildings, there are also a number of other buildings offering outpatient services and a specialist Endoscopy Centre.

    The centre is the largest fully-integrated gastrointestinal unit in the private sector, and is one of the most highly-regarded in the UK. The hospital’s Platinum Medical Centre treats 30,000 outpatients a year, offering: GP services, breast screening, ear, nose & throat services, an oncology centre and physiotherapy services. There’s also a pharmacy onsite and a range of other scanning services, too.

    Is Wellington a Good Hospital?

    Wellington Hospital St John’s Wood is viewed as one of the best private care facilities in the UK and it has an excellent reputation, both nationally and internationally. Its team of specialists and other medical professionals are considered at the vanguard of UK medicine.

    The Wellington Hospital St John’s Wood deals with tens of thousands of patients a year and its services are in high demand as a result of its excellent reputation. This is already a popular area in London, due to its close proximity to Regent’s Park and central attractions, so it’s important to know what’s available in the area, accommodation-wise.

    Final Thoughts

    Having to spend time in hospital, or seeing a loved one go in for treatment, is never pleasant or easy. Fortunately, if you’re heading to London’s private Wellington Hospital you can be rest assured that both you and your loved ones will be in good hands.

    The team at Wellington Hospital is excellent and made up of some of the most highly-regarded medical professionals in the UK. And there are wonderful accommodation options nearby that offer comfortable surroundings as you recover from treatment.

    We hope that if you do, unfortunately, have to spend time in hospital, then our guide has helped you find a suitable “home away from home”, one which will get you back on your feet again in the fastest and most comfortable time possible.

    We wish you a speedy recovery.